Monday, January 26, 2009

I must apologize for my absence. . .

Just a quick note to everyone :) I'm still alive and well all be it tired :P
I've been working like a dog here lately, my second job has taken on a life of it's own and taken over my life. Economy being what it is here I have to take every opportunity to make money I can.
My mom's still waiting to hear back from the insurance company ruling on her surgeries for her back so I expect to be absent again in the future for at least 2+ weeks while we travel out of state for that :( I'm hoping to have this all mopped up before March so I can leave for NYC and the workshop with nothing here weighing on my mind. . .
Also still sorting out this move out of this nightmare land, Vegas is looking better and better with these back to back blizzards here lol :D
Miss you all lots and lots and keep the emails coming and if I can't take the proper time to blog it now I at least promise to use this data plan to respond to your emails ^^
Later Days

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