Friday, January 2, 2009

haircuts and me. . . a simple guide lol

So some of you might know of my trials and tribulations since I've been in Wyoming of trying to get a decent haircut. . . for those who don't here's the sordid tale.
I arrived here in Sept. with a fresh cut in my hair from Tahira before I left Toronto, all was right with the world. It's pretty damn dry here and it got cold here quickly so I had to start blow drying my hair after every shower and soon was in dire need of a trim to get rid of my split ends. In the end of Sept. I went to a stylist to ask for a trim, just shape up my existing cut nothing major right?
As if!? She decided she didn't like my inverted bob and chopped it off in uneven and blunt layers. And by blunt I mean those horrible chunky unblended layers a fly by night stylist would chunk into fine hair because they don't know any better and go too quickly to care :( So I was sad and angry when I got home and saw what a hot mess it was and how she chopped it all up and took out my 5" shears and fixed it myself as best as I could but the bad bits I wanted cut out to begin with were still there. . . sigh. So mid Oct. just before my b-day I tried again, different shop. . . same hot garbage crap didn't want to cut what I asked and did her own thing. Nov. same deal and by Dec. I gave up, no one listens and they all cut the same crap style here in everyone's hair. Finally, I devised a devilishly brilliant plan! I'd teach someone who hasn't ever cut hair to cut my hair. . . yes! So I set to work convincing my sister to do the deed for me :)
I told her it was super easy, nothing to it section it and go to town lol 3 hours later after she'd finishedthe back section I told her all about what I'd just taught her to do.
I taught her to do Global Layers and to point cut like a master cutter, what she did took the ages but it was perfect! Exactly what I asked her to do and looked fantastic! I cut the front, she was over it by then but my god! For not knowing wth she was doing and never cutting hair before she was a real pro! I am not sure if it was my good teaching or her good listening but either way my hair is not only cut the way I want but it's done right as well :) Damn shame I have to find a complete ammature and teach them how to cut hair in this town to get a decent haircut tho, damn shame :(
Later Days ^^


  1. Have you got any pics? would love to see your sister's handy work :)

  2. I promised to take some pics this weekend, since I just got her to do it last Sunday so it's still fresh lol