Monday, May 25, 2009

so here's what I've been up to on a personal note. . .

So as some of you may know I went for another series of tests in late March and early April for cancer screenings. The results came back positive and I have been diagnosed with cervical cancer. Before you gasp too loudly, due to my slightly neurotic need to know things I did not take the standard wait and see path that was recommended by one doctor and went for a second opinion which proved it is in early stages as far as they could tell without a biopsy and chances are quite likely I can have a very minor surgical procedure in conjunction with my biopsy and eliminate it. I am quite hopeful that this is the right course and that things will go well and smoothly for me as a result :)
On a side note, I am posting this as so many of you have taken to texting and emailing me wondering where I've been and I finally feel ok to talk about it now after visiting with my oncologist last thurs. He's a wonderful and warm person and put me at ease about the whole thing as I've been worried on pin and needles since my blood tests came back and no one can hear the word cancer without assuming the worst :(

Best Wishes to all of you this Memorial Day ^^
keep your fingers crossed, my procedure is schedualed for June 19th :)

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  1. I'm sorry to hear this, but I'm glad you've found it early.

    I hope all goes well with the surgery.

    Take care

    Amy x