Saturday, April 4, 2009

NYC Hair Workshop Part 2 :) The real work!

First off I want to thank Cynthia O'Rourke for hosting the workshop at her house, her sisters for modeling and her family for having us there :)
Also a thank you for Belinda and Allie for traveling to Long Island to participate in the workshop and Alexander for coming out to lend his support.

We covered so much in the 2 days we had I hope I remember to recount it all but I'm gonna give it a go!
On day one we began with covering the uses of all the products the ladies had already in their kits and what I keep in mine and why. We had at length discussions on brands and myths of all of these products and covered many many things here helping the girls downsize some things they had duplicate usages of and build up for things they would need.
We also covered our tools and what each one was best used for. Placement of tools, sectioning of hair, brushes, combs, clips, pins, etc. Things we could keep on hand that did the jobs of other tools that were bulky to carry and the best ways to use them in time with your make up applications. The ladies caught on to all of this pretty quickly and we moved on to demonstrations and applications of these procedures. They all got to try wrapping long hair and keeping from crimping the ends and how to slide the hair out once it had been curled to be able to pin it up for cooling.
Our afternoon went by fairly quickly as Allie had to leave earlier so we wrapped up the lesson for the day. While we were waiting on Alexander to arrive, we visited about things the other ladies wanted to make sure they picked up in their kits and things they wanted to make sure we learned for the next day. When Alexander did arrive, we all took a field trip to beauty suppliers to make sure the girls got to pick up things they didn't have for the next day's lesson and to cover things that are good buys and how to know the differences. We had a great time checking out things and I learned some great things about BedHead makeup lol

This is also the night I got my haircut. I can't begin to explain to Alexander how thankful and grateful I am for him staying up so late and hanging out with Cynthia and for such a fantastic haircut.

On day two we started earlier to try and make sure we got things covered before the models arrived. We covered blow outs, steps to building the base for updo's, back brushing, French Twists and prepared for our models. When the models arrived, the ladies practiced blow outs on amazing long hair and sectioning very curly hair to prep it for an updo. The ladies took turns blowing out and styling the creative updo and did very well :) In the afternoon we covered again the best places to shop for bargains, things to pick up at the dollar sotre, and some vintage types of hair styles before Belinda and Allie had to go.

I had such a fantastic time with the girls covering pin placements, curling long hair, applying decorations, braids, editorial hair, extensions and how to make them, products, achieving volume and texture, and so many other things I was sad to have it end. I was however so proud when I got word from Allie that her film project had gone so well with applying hair pieces that stayed put and when I got pictures of her happy bride that she had been so worried about :) I also was so happy to discuss vintage styling with Belinda who gave me so many ideas to make use of products in my kit to achieve things I had not used them for :) She's pretty inspirational and doesn't even know it. Cythina and I did some recon makeup shopping errands for my mom and spent some time going thru shops until we found products to put in her kit to flesh it out and she helped me get hooked on some new eyeliners lol We also tried out all the new MUFE HD products, found out purple straw hats are not for Cynthia no matte rhow much they cost and completely annoyed some slaes girl in Sephora. . . at the end of day two lol good times had by all!

On my last day in town, Cynthia and I met back up with Alexander and we covered some serious ground in Manhattan! We got some lunch and went to Alcone (my first trip) and tried out so many things. I managed to get myself some new blush, brush cleaner, and replace a blush brush! We had a good time and managed to stop by Ricky's and a few other places too while we were there before I had to make it to check in for my return trip.

I'd like to thank everyone in NYC again for having me and I can hardly wait to see more of the fantastic things the ladies can now create ^^

Later Days~



  1. When are you guys coming to England!?


  2. Get enough of you lot together for a workshop and I'm so there! Terri, Alex, Nick, and on and on we really should just see about making a workshop for you all :)